The Distinction of THE CURED NAIL

HEALTH FIRST, THEN CREATIVITY! At THE CURED NAIL we provide our clients with a high level of cleanliness and sanitation while maintaining superior service and fashion forward creativity. As required, we sanitize and disinfect all implements after every use with hospital grade disinfectant. We set ourselves apart from other nail salons by performing the highest level of infection control available: Autoclave Sterilization. Brand new, disposable one-time use files and buffers are used for each manicure and pedicure and all hard surfaces and equipment are cleaned between clients with an EPA approved disinfectant. 


Thorough hand washing prior to all nail treatments are mandatory for the safety of both parties. Manicure nail coatings are never forcibly removed by prying, peeling or using an electric file to "drill" away at natural nails. Cuticles are maintained without removing live tissue that protects against infection.

For our pedicures we use the ONLY spa chair that has a completely disposable foot spa system called Disposable Pedicure Jet™. The Disposable Pedicure Jet™ protects each and every client from cross-contamination. Pedicure jet tubes are embedded into the liner to provide the foot massage. After the service is complete, both the liner and the jet are disposed of, and every NEW service begins with a NEW Disposable Pedicure Jet™. Pedicure clients no longer have to give up the luxurious water massage they receive from the traditional foot spa jets in lieu of safety and hygiene. Our pedicure spa chair provides the best of both worlds! We never use harmful chemicals nor do we use credo blades, porous pumice stones or invasive tools to reduce callous. THE CURED NAIL takes cleanliness so seriously that we go above and beyond what the state of Florida requires for nail salons. On-going education and safety protocols are of the utmost importance. Alexandra is certified in diabetic foot care as well as caring for those with compromised immune systems and sensitive skin.


As a result of our commitment to nail and skin care, you will be educated on how to properly maintain the health of your hands and feet between visits. Home care is important for ultimate results, so a range of take home products to best suit your individual needs will be recommended.