The PediCURE $50

The ultimate cure for severely dehydrated or rough skin. This regenerative treatment is perfect for athletes, runners and dancers, safe for diabetics and carries medicinal values for sensitive or easily irritated skin. This service features a concentrated anti-microbial soak, cuticle and nail care, seaweed exfoliation, powerful yet gentle callous softener (great benefit for diabetics), a cellular regenerative mousse moisturizer and polish or buff to finish. An effective and ideal treatment that produces real results for problematic feet. (75 min)










You won't feel like just another number passing through when you encounter this foot care treatment. The experience consists of softening foot soak, nail shape refinement, gentle cuticle removal, exfoliation, moderate callus reduction, application of moisturizer and choice of precise polish application or shiny buff. (30 min)

The Extensive Wellness PediCURE $75